You Are My Glory – Chapter 6

Yu Tu responded immediately with just a “?”.

Qiao Jingjing held her phone and thought about it. The more she thought about it, the more she thought her idea was brilliant. She had already realized that although Yu Tu was only Diamond ranked, his capabilities were actually much higher than A Guo’s and following his playing had helped her more than A Guo’s teaching did. If he could also teach her, then she would definitely make rapid progress.

But, how to persuade Yu Tu to coach a stranger?

It really was difficult to convince a person like Yu Tu, the same person who rejected her before years ago.

Qiao Jingjing was not in a hurry to answer him. She walked around the living room twice then called Xiao Zhu.

“Xiao Zhu, you ask Dandan to help me make a poster immediately. The content is that a company wants to organize a competition for Kings of Glory. Make up a random company but make it seem trendy at a glance. Get it to me in ten minutes.”

Xiao Zhu thought her artist’s requests of late had been very strange, but she still did it dutifully.

Ten minutes later, Qiao Jingjing sent the poster that Dandan hurriedly made over to Yu Tu.

Qiao Jingjing: Our company is organizing a Kings of Glory competition. I want to win because it will be helpful for my future position in the company.

Yu Tu: …

Qiao Jingjing: Doesn’t your company hold contests?

Yu Tu: Does a reading contest count?

Qiao Jingjing: …

Qiao Jingjing is curious about where he works. Didn’t he study finance in university? Isn’t he at an investment bank or somewhere else fashionable? Do they really have things like reading contests?

But now is not the time to satisfy her curiosity.

Qiao Jingjing: I signed up, but in fact, I don’t know how to play at all and I can’t let my colleagues find out that I don’t know how to play.

Yu Tu: I think it’s better for you to find someone else. I might stop playing at any time.

Qiao Jingjing: Why?

Yu Tu was a little irritated. He was actually chatting with a netizen who he didn’t even remember adding, but out of politeness he still explained.

Yu Tu: Recently on vacation. It may end at any time. And in fact, I haven’t really played for a long time.

So powerful after a short time playing? Qiao Jingjing is more excited. Does that mean that she can also expect to become so awesome? Speaking of which, although her grades were not as good as his back then, she later tried her best and was able to make it into the second echelon.

Qiao Jingjing’s eyes turned up.

Qiao Jingjing: Can you give me more advice when we play then? For example, telling me what’s wrong and what I should do instead? Is that okay? I’ll find someone else if you stop showing up.

Qiao Jingjing: Jade Rabbit god, please.

She added a pitiful emoji to support her in her battle.

He took a long time to answer.

Yu Tu: Yes.

Qiao Jingjing clenched her fist.

Okay! Take your time. Now that you’ve accepted the first step, the second step isn’t far behind.

Wait, what’s the second step??

Qiao Jingjing subconsciously glossed over the question and smiled.

Qiao Jingjing: Let’s start right away!

Without waiting for a reply, Qiao Jingjing immediately opened the game and sent him an invitation through QQ.

Yu Tu saw the dialogue box pop up and couldn’t help but feel a little like he was in a trance.

He seemed to have clearly rejected her, so why was there the feeling that he agreed?

The two of them matched with three strangers and the battle began.

In the pick phase, Qiao Jingjing still chose Cai Wenji. However, her teammates actually chose Niu Mo and Da Qiao, so there were too many supports. Yu Tu direct messaged her: You use Wang Zhaojun.

Qiao Jingjing had never used Wang Zhaojun, but she had played as her opponent. Doesn’t she seem to be quite powerful? Anyway, with Yu Tu’s guidance she felt fearless so she chose Wang Zhaojun.

Eighteen minutes later she gloriously offered up a 0-8 record.

This wasn’t the worst thing. The worst things was that the enemy who killed her three or four times also sent her a thumbs-up.

Qiao Jingjing felt humiliated.

She angrily returned to QQ and typed: they actually sent me a thumbs-up!

Yu Tu: Wait a minute.

After a while, he sent an invitation to another game. Qiao Jingjing clicked in and saw her familiar teammates including I’m so Panicked.

Hand Picked Cotton: Should I still use Wang Zhaojun?

Since they weren’t playing with strangers anymore, Yu Tu turned on voice chat.

“If your company is having a competition, it is likely to be in Ban and Pick mode. Cai Wenji is likely to be banned, and can’t really carry the rhythm of the game or help out when the other team is suppressing yours anyways. Wang Zhaojun is not bad for beginners.”

“But I don’t know how to play her.”

“Her skills are quite simple. Her first skill’s damage can cause acceleration and deceleration, her second skill is freezing, her third skill creates a rain storm. You can use a 1, 2, 3 combo and also use a summoner skill to flash.

Qiao Jingjing quickly changed her pick.

I’m so Panicky, “Wait a minute. What happened that I don’t know about? What company competition?”

The pick phase was done and after entering the game, Qiao Jingjing replied to him, “Our company is organizing a Kings of Glory competition, so I asked Jade Rabbit god to teach me.”

I’m so Panicky sent out a series of meaningless characters.

Slime Bag said, “It’s good to have him teach you. Zhai Liang is the result of his teaching. What was he even doing at the beginning?”

I’m so Panicky, “I just asked him once for a finger technique. After that, I relied on my own capabilities.”

There are even finger techniques?

Qiao Jingjing said eagerly, “Does Wang Zhaojun have any finger techniques?”

2001 said, “She doesn’t.”

It sounded like this hero was very simple. Qiao Jingjing’s performance this match was slightly better, but not much better. The final result was 2-7-2.

Yu Tu reminder her, “Predict movements first before you use the second skill. When the ultimate is ready, you can adjust your position with the flash ability. When the assassin hits you, you can use the second ability under your feet.”

Qiao Jingjing quickly understood and then played three rounds as Wang Zhaojun, and gradually found the fun in playing this hero. Sometimes she was lucky and was able to freeze the weaker enemies and attack them with her ultimate. It was much more fulfilling than playing as Cai Wenji.

In the fifth round, she choose Wang Zhaojun again and when she saw the other team’s hero choices, she found out that there was a Wang Zhaojun on the other team as well.

Matching heroes in the game was even more horrible than matching outfits on the red carpet. She would win when it came to fashion, so the embarrassed one would always be the other person. But in the game, the embarrassed one will likely be her.

Qiao Jingjing was more nervous this round, which resulted in her playing much worse than before. The enemy Wang Zhaojun froze her over and over again, and she died each time very sadly. At the end of the first game, Yu Tu was the winning side’s MVP and the enemy Wang Zhaojun was the losing side’s MVP. Qiao Jingjing thought for a moment and saved the video a little despiritedly.

When she went to bed that night. Qiao Jingjing took out the video of the fifth match and watched from the perspective of the other team’s Wang Zhaojun. She felt it was was really rewarding to see how they hid in the grass and positioned themselves in team battles.

Of course, she had to forget that the clumsy pig opponent was actually herself.

Alas~~~ She never would have expected that when she learned acting and incessantly watched the videos of her predecessors, she would be doing the same thing by watching videos to learn how to play games. When god created her, she must have been given too much beauty so that her talents necessarily had to be trimmed back a little, right? Qiao Jingjing felt this was logical and took pity on herself.

After watching the fifth match twice, she was still not sleepy so she randomly clicked on a match from a few days ago and watched from Yu Tu’s perspective. He was using Zhuge Liang beautifully like always. In the first eight minutes, Zhuge Liang had lost a lot of health and was chased and shot at by a marksman with one-third health left. He continued to use his skills and flashed to escape. When the marksman saw that he had run away, he felt at ease and calmly jungled in his team’s jungle area. Who knew that Zhuge Liang quietly doubled back and hid in the grass beside him. When the marksman passed by, he then directly delivered a killing blow with one skill.

Qiao Jingjing remembered that the enemy marksman was furious at that time and even scolded Zhuge Liang for being too underhanded, and she couldn’t help but think…

She came to a conclusion that yes, she wanted to be a little underhanded too. The reason she couldn’t win was because she was too upright when she played!

It was true that playing games also required an epiphany. Qiao Jingjing suddenly understood the true meaning of underhanded play and her level rose rapidly. When she battled with everyone again, she finally dragged them down less seriously. Once, she even had great luck and froze three low-health enemies, nervously deployed her ultimate, and unexpectedly got the first “Triple Kill” victory in her life.

Everyone sent her a 666, which was a big complement. Qiao Jingjing was also very proud and recorded the game to appreciate herself.

However, when she watched it again in the dead of night, she saw that Yu Tu had been beside her when she got her Triple Kill, just standing there without fighting.

Her Triple Kill was because Yu Tu left it for her?

She opened QQ a little despondently and lay on the bed typing: When I got my Triple Kill, it was because you deliberately let me have it?

Unexpectedly, Yu Tu was online and replied after a few minutes: I have enough. It’s more appropriate for you to get a head count.

Qiao Jingjing put her face in her hands. She waited a few minutes before replying.

Hand Picking Cotton: Thank you ^_^

When Big Sister Ling remembered that her artist had asked for leave for several consecutive days and had not been in the office, she directly went to her house. Before she could even say anything after the door was opened, she heard the sound effects from Kings of Glory coming from Qiao Jingjing’s mobile phone.

This doesn’t seem like she’s being lazy?

Qiao Jingjing walked back inside without even lifting her head. Big Sister Ling hurriedly caught up with her and watched Qiao Jingjing take MVP with Wang Zhaojun. She was stunned by her record.

“Are you playing against the AI?”

“You’re an AI.” Qiao Jingjing gave her a look, “Try 1v1 ranking.”

Since her Triple Kill, she had developed more self-confidence and had secretly been playing ranked matches alone. At first, she was very nervous, but she found that Bronze level battles were easy to fight.

Big Sister Ling was really shocked.

“Incredible! How did you get the courage to play solo-match?”

“I’m already Gold IV rank from playing solo-match.”

“What kind of medicine have you been taking?”

Qiao Jingjing was proud, “Talent!”

Big Sister Ling cheered, “It’s awesome. A Guo didn’t teach you this, did you practice it yourself?”

“Hey hey hey.” Qiao Jingjing couldn’t help showing off, “In fact, I found a game master and asked him to teach me. I think he’s much better than A Guo.”

Big Sister Ling was a bit worried, “Is he reliable or not? Will he reveal anything?”

“Don’t worry, he doesn’t know who I am at all.”

“Netizen? Then how does he teach you?”

“Through voice chat. He tells me how to use skills and when to use them. Hey, I’m going to grab a drink.” Indulging in games made her thirsty. Qiao Jingjing stuffed her phone at Big Sister Ling, “It’s the Jade Rabbit Pounding Medicine in my friends list. Click his avatar and see his record.

Big Sister Ling clicked the avatar and read his battle stats curiously. Even at a glance, she couldn’t help but be a little stunned. Even if the general winning rate is high, his overall performance ratio was scary. She looked at his commonly used heroes. Zhuge Liang’s winning rate was actually as high as 90%. She was convinced, “He’s better than my husband.” Big Sister Ling returned the phone. She felt reassured and sorry at the same time, “Alas, if there was a real person who was so reliable and competent, it’d be so much faster to teach you face-to-face.”

Big Sister Ling had just said it offhandedly, but Qiao Jingjing was moved in her heart — Yu Tu…was a real person. What would it be like to have him teach her directly?

It was also strange that although it had been several days, his vacation didn’t seem to be over yet? And every day spent playing a game, who had such a holiday?

What the hell is he doing now? Anyway, it doesn’t feel like a person in the finance circles.

When Big Sister Ling left, Qiao Jingjing poked Yu Tu’s QQ.

Hand Picking Cotton: Rabbit god, you play games at home during your holiday?

Yu Tu did not reply to her.

Qiao Jingjing thought about it and became more curious. She couldn’t wait for Yu Tu to answer, so she poked Peipei’s WeChat.

She subtly probed.

Jingjing: Peipei, are there any students in our class who are working somewhere impressive now?

Peipei: Isn’t that you?

Jingjing: I mean the students who had achieved particularly good grades before?

Peipei: Oh, oh, there’s an editor-in-chief of a book company, and Wang Jiang has become the Vice President of a top 500 company.

Jingjing: Who else?

Peipei: Sun Xiu is in the mayor’s secretary office.

Peipei: And Du Jia works for Alibaba with a high income.

Jingjing: …

After three minutes.

Jingjing: What about Yu Tu?


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