You Are My Glory – Chapter 5

Because it was only the two of them, they were randomly matched with three strangers. Qiao Jingjing thought for a moment and chose Sun Yi again.

Sun Yi is a little more difficult as a hero than Cai Wenji, and needs more thought to play, especially regarding positioning and timing the release of the skills. In the first half of the game, she was doing well. Yu Tu still picked Zhuge Liang and supported both top and bot lanes. Their team had the advantage but when it came to the team battles, Qiao Jingjing couldn’t keep up. So after the marksman died twice he vented at her.

Tianya (Sun Shangxiang): Stupid piece of ****

Qiao Jingjing went to scold him back but before she finished typing “You’re stupid”, someone had already responded in the chat.

Jade Rabbit Pounding Medicine (Zhuge Liang): Keep it up and we’ll leave together.

Tianya (Sun Shangxiang): Are you together? Alright, you cancel each other out.

Qiao Jingjing, “…”

Isn’t this marksman a little cowardly?

After a while, the marksman couldn’t hold back any more.

Tianya (Sun Shangxiang): She’s with you so why don’t you carry her.

Yu Tu ignored him.

They still won and at the beginning of the next match, Yu Tu switched his position to marksman.

Qiao Jingjing watched as he locked in on Sun Shangxiang.

What to do?

Her heart actually felt… a little sweet?

…Qiao Jingjing patted her face gently.

Calm down. She is a big star with tens of millions of fans on Weibo and she had turned down hundreds of millions worth in gifts before. But just because someone took the marksman to lead her, her heart fluttered? How embarrassing.

While scoffing at herself, Qiao Jingjing still quickly chose Sun Yi and followed Yu Tu, fearing that another player would steal her support position.

They continued to play a few more matches and Yu Tu always chose marksman. No matter how poorly Qiao Jingjing played, their team always won in the end and Yu Tu took MPV every time. When she went to sleep that night, Qiao Jingjing rubbed her sore fingers and rolled over.

Hello Qiao Jingjing, are you kidding me?

You are almost thirty years old yet you feel so much admiration watching others play a game?

Where’s the excitement?

He could be bald or fat…

…ah, but his playing is just so handsome.

Qiao Jingjing couldn’t sleep.

In her mind she saw all of Jade Rabbit’s different heroes running around Kings’ Canyon.

Qiao Jingjing sat up from the bed, grabbed her phone and began watching the matches that she had recorded.

She thought to herself that it was strictly in order to learn. She changed it to watch from Yu Tu’s perspective and saw his hero flying through Kings’ Canyon taking two, three, four enemy heads.

While falling asleep, still holding the lit up screen of her mobile phone, she drifted off to the sound of “penta kill”.

Qiao Jingjing spent the next few days very happy. She didn’t need to rush from place to place. There were no dramas to shoot. Public opinion was very calm. She played games with A Guo during the day, and clung to the thighs of Yu Tu and the others at night. Only occasionally did she have to go out to shoot an advertisement or attend some activities.

Of course, she liked playing with Yu Tu best. After all, they always won.

A Guo was very energetic. Although Qiao Jingjing, his student, was average in her game talent, she stayed confident no matter how many deaths she suffered. Each day was a new failure but as long as she was able to get a good night’s rest, she could still return to play with full confidence the next day. Indeed, not everyone can be a star. Look at this tenacity! It’s just… why does she keep going home earlier and earlier?

Qiao Jingjing said that she would be going home at five o’clock. The reason she gave was that she wanted to train her abs. In reality, she had secretly logged into her alt account and found that Yu Tu and Slime Bag were playing games, and she planned to go home to play with them.

As for why she didn’t tell Big Sister Ling…

Of course because it’s most interesting to cultivate into a peerless master overnight!

Still, when she got home Yu Tu was offline.

Qiao Jingjing cut a plate of fruit for dinner despondently and was eating it tastelessly when Peipei suddenly called.

Her voice sounded a little excited.

“Jingjing, someone in our high school class chat room posted that rumor-mongering article. Everyone scolded them but then guess what!”

Qiao Jingjing was a little absent-minded, “What’s the matter?”

“Yu Tu responded!”

Qiao Jingjing was surprised.

Peipei said, “Oh, in fact, in addition to the people scolding, there were also a few sour grapes. But as soon as Yu Tu said something, they were immediately slapped down and shut up.”

Qiao Jingjing calmed down, “Show me a screenshot of what he said.”

Soon, Peipei sent the screenshot.

Yu Tu: I never said any such thing.

Yu Tu: If anyone still has contact with Qiao Jingjing, apologize for me. If there is any need to explain further, I will cooperate.

Qiao Jingjing stared at the picture for a long time.

Apologize to her? What mistakes did he make that he needs to apologize. And cooperate with an explanation…How can he cooperate? Does he expect she wants to issue an announcement? He really knew nothing about the entertainment industry.

If you really want to apologize, she thought, then it’s better to just log in and play games with her rather than running to the group chat.

Qiao Jingjing read the two lines from Yu Tu two more times, quickly finished eating her fruit, then logged into the game and generously sent Yu Tu two skins.

The city was completely shrouded by the night.

Yu Tu closed the WeChat interface. He took Zhai Liang’s cigarettes from the coffee table and walked to the balcony.

Through the faint smell of tobacco, his mood gradually calmed down.

“What? Were they trying to persuade you again?” Zhai Liang came to him with a can of beer.

“No, something happened in my high school group text.” Yu Tu didn’t want to say more.

“I thought your colleagues would try to persuade you to go back.”

Yu Tu flicked the ash, “It was actually a colleague who resigned before that helped me make up my mind.”

“So why are you still hesitating? Is it difficult to choose between an annual salary of one million yuan a year and 100,000 yuan a year?”

“How can I get a million yuan a year?” Yu Tu cracked a smile.

“Why not? Those offers you got out of undergrad, some of them are probably earning millions a year by now, right? Instead you foolishly pursued aerospace grad studies so you could solve difficult problems worth 5,000 yuan but only get paid 20. Don’t you feel sorry for your IQ? At least…” Zhai Liang took a sip of beer, “at least you and Xia Qing wouldn’t have broken up.”

Yu Tu’s expression was unreadable, “Don’t mention the past.”

“I think you’ll regret it sooner or later. Where will you find such a smart and beautiful wife in the future?”

Yu Tu glanced over at him, “Easier than if you try anyways.”

Zhai Liang said, “Bah, you rely on your face too much.”

After a while, Zhai Liang said, “Ideals and feelings can’t be eaten. Make up your mind and act on it. You are thirty years old and I still need to say this? Come on, you aren’t that naive.”

“I promised my teacher I’d think about it for a month.”

“Are scholars so deep with their schemes? I assumed they’d all be old tech nerds.” Zhai Liang was shocked. He shook his beer can, “I have a different way of looking at it than you do. I worked so hard to graduate so I must make as much money as I can and live the best life that I can. In today’s society, celebrities act and sing and make tens of millions on each song, then make headlines for cheating or getting pregnant. You send rockets to the stars but go and ask if anyone knows your name? Who knows you only make such little money in a year?”

Yu Tu smoked quietly.

“Aren’t you living a little too leisurely recently? You just stay at home and play games every day. You know, you could go to Beijing and meet old classmates or something. I heard that Xia Qing is still single. If you go, maybe you could reconnect.” It seemed he thought he had hit on something and got a little excited, “I say, you’ve been single for so many years, is it because in your heart…”

“No.” Yu Tu interrupted him faintly.

“Hey, I just don’t understand you.”

He drank the rest of his beer in one go, patted Yu Tu on the shoulder and left him alone.

Yu Tu finished smoking and went back into the living room. He closed his eyes and leaned against the sofa. He remembered the surprise and sadness in his teacher’s eyes when he resigned that day. Finally, his teacher said, “You are tired after working all these years. You haven’t even taken a day of vacation. Take all your vacation days at once. For more than a month, you think about it. If you still want to leave at that time, I will agree.”

In fact, there was nothing to consider. He had long thought through the positives and negatives, but he still had to make the final decision, and he didn’t want to make it now.

He opened his eyes, picked up his phone and started the game.

Since no one had been online, Qiao Jingjing was bored and played a match against the AI. Of course, in a match against the computer, you can’t choose a support character, so she chose Zhuge Liang, the hero Yu Tu often chose, and she was given a sound beat down by the AI.

This hero is so hard to play… How was Yu Tu still able to decimate the enemies when they surrounded him?

After a long battle, the game finally ended and Qiao Jingjing withdrew. When she looked at the friend list, she saw that Yu Tu was back online.

He should have seen her gift, right?

As a proud and arrogant celebrity, Qiao Jingjing waited patiently for the invitation that, even after a while, never came.

Qiao Jingjing was suspecting that her investment was a waste when the QQ chat window popped up on her phone.

Yu Tu: No need to give me skins.

Qiao Jingjing clicked on QQ and hesitated. She didn’t expect for Yu Tu to reach out to her. The sentence from him was displayed in the upper left of the chat window. Qiao Jingjing looked at it and suddenly lost herself for a moment. It seems that a long time ago, her teenage self hoped every day that he would start a conversation first and a chat window would pop up like this.

Unexpectedly, it took ten years before her wish was realized.

People change. Qiao Jingjing shook her head with a smile for her girlhood self, but she didn’t know how to reply for now.

She put down her phone and ran on the treadmill. At some point, she received a call from Big Sister Ling, informing her that she didn’t need to go to the office tomorrow since their whole family was having parent-child activities all day.

After hanging up, Qiao Jingjing held onto her phone. Somehow, a bold idea suddenly popped into her mind.

She didn’t take any more time to think over it. She opened QQ and typed out a line:

Can you coach me?


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