You Are My Glory – Chapter 4

It was probably that her exclamation points worked. Although Yu Tu didn’t invite her again for the next battle, I’m so Panicky did.

Qiao Jingjing continued to use Cai Wenji, but this time the marksman had changed to I’m so Panicky.

After a bit, “School is Starting, I’m so Panicky” was killed and gave first blood.

After the second blood was given to the enemy, he couldn’t bear it anymore.

I’m so Panicky: Cai Wenji???

Qiao Jingjing is a little embarrassed. She didn’t feel bad about dragging down Yu Tu, but now there are others.

Hand Picking Cotton: I don’t know much. I’ve just started to play.

I’m so Panicky: Turn on your voice chat so I can guide you.

Before, A Guo was teaching her on the spot, so she had never turned on the microphone before. When Qiao Jingjing clicked the icon in the upper left corner, she heard a rough voice speaking.

“I finally know why Yu tu, who is forever the marksman hog, would actually go play solo-mid. Cai Wenji is a little tricky.

Qiao Jingjing, “…”

She didn’t have time to be depressed before a long-forgotten voice sounded on the other side, “You think too much. I’m just showing you the right was to play Zhuge Liang.”

His deep voice is slightly teasing. Qiao Jingjing is lost in thought for a moment. Just then, the enemy jungler’s Monkey King came out of nowhere and knocked out half of the HP of her Cai Wenji, who had been parked at a standstill in the middle of the lane.

The enemy’s solo-mid, Gao Jian Li, broke from their team and pursued her. They used their ultimate skill and Cai Wenji was insta-killed.

I’m so Panicky shouted out, “80,000 people coming for me!” However, it was too late. Under the siege of three enemy heroes, his marksman made only two attacks before being wiped out.

Jade Rabbit’s solo-mid Zhuge Liang was originally heading to the top lane to provide support but he was a step too late and ended up encircled by three of the enemy. At this time, although their jungler was low-HP, the other two still had half-HP.

Qiao Jingjing lay on the ground, thinking that Zhuge Liang was about to die. Who knew that Zhuge Liang would be able to use his ultimate to take the jungler’s head and then directly use his passive skill to destroy Gao Jian Li as well.

Two consecutive kills.

At this time, he was already beaten down so he used his flash skill to escape. Of course, the enemy refused to let him go and gave chase. Who expected that he’d be able to turn around and use his ultimate again to take that enemy’s head as well.

Three consecutive kills.

These moved happened so quickly that Qiao Jingjing was stunned. I’m so Panicky shouted out somewhat depressed, “You play like a dog.”

The other two players who hadn’t yet spoken chimed in.

Slime Bag. “Zhuge Liang is not bad! Why haven’t you played him before?”

Dragon King 2001, “Zhai Liang always robbed the mage roles, so he never got the chance.”

Yu Tu’s deep laughter came through the microphone and his voice spoke out clearly, “just playing casually”

Qiao Jingjing felt his voice resonating in her chest.

I’m so Panicky, “Bah, if you can’t be pretentious, you’ll die? Cai Wenji, you go hide in the grass and help me keep a look out.”

Qiao Jingjing was still immersed in the domineering triple kill and spoke without thinking, “Which grass?”

The game suddenly quieted down.

Qiao Jingjing thought of a question she hadn’t considered. Yu Tu wouldn’t recognize her voice, would he?

I’m so Panicky sounded shocked, “A sister?”

It is so strange?

Qiao Jingjing, “Don’t girls make up 40% of the players of this game?”

Although she doesn’t know how to play, for the other aspects of her ambassador role, she was diligent and memorized a lot of information.

I’m so Panicky, “But you were added by Yu Tu, the girl-insulator. You really don’t know this girl?”

Yu Tu, “…mm.”

I’m so Panicky, “Aren’t you QQ friends?”

Qiao Jingjing, who hadn’t spoken again, was stuck on whatever the hell “girl-insulator” could mean, but she was nervous and eagerly hoped that he wouldn’t remember anything. She was his classmate, so of course she had his QQ number. Still, he didn’t actually add her. He didn’t add her even after she made an alternate with a beautiful woman for an avatar. One day, she searched his QQ number on Baidu and found the the was part of an aerospace fan forum. She had an inspiration to add him as a space forum netizen, and it worked.

However, after all she knew nothing about aerospace. They only spoke once or twice before he probably saw her ignorance and simply stopped responding.

When Yu Tu was in high school, he really was a little proud.

Qiao Jingjing was afraid of recalling those memories, so she answered randomly, “I probably added him casually at some point.” Then she asked, “Well, why am I standing in the grass?”

I’m so Panicky, “See if the enemy comes close. If you see them, send a signal.”


Cai Wenji slowly moved into the grass. Suddenly, she remembered she was worried about Yu Tu… sure enough, he didn’t recognize her voice.

Qiao Jingjing was relieved but also a little lost in her heart. She scoffed at herself. Her inner life was so full of twists and turns, very dramatic. As she stood in the boring grass, she couldn’t help from pulling down the map to see what Yu Tu was doing. As a result of her few seconds of negligence, the enemy killed her.

The enemy solo-mid then teamed up with the enemy jungler to take down I’m so Panicky.

I’m so Panicky said weakly, “Cai Wenji, you’d better follow the mage instead. I’ll develop alone.” He added, “He who added her is responsible for her.”

Yu Tu responded, “You’re such a bad marksman. Not even worth protecting.”

I’m so Panicky, “…”

Qiao Jingjing was driven away by the marksman so she gloomy returned to Zhuge Liang’s side.

Zhuge Liang is a very flexible hero. His second skill has three types of positioning and Yu Tu played him very erratically, so Cai Wenji had a lot of difficulty in keeping up with him. However, Yu Tu didn’t ask for anything and didn’t say anything.

Their team won again. Qiao Jingjing looked at the final stats. Yu Tu’s Zhuge Liang actually took 21 heads.

And her Cai Wenji’s stats weren’t bad either!

Qiao Jingjing looked at her achievements happily and felt a little excited. She took a screenshot and sent it to Big Sister Ling, who quickly replied, “Qiao Jingjing, you are going to shoot an ad tomorrow! Isn’t it shameless to stay up so late?”

Qiao Jingjing perfunctorily returned to “sleep” and turned off her WeChat. Then she went back to the game interface to wait for them to add her into a new game. The invitation still didn’t pop up, so she looked at the friend bar and saw that Yu Tu was already offline.

Going to bed so early?

Qiao Jingjing added the three other teammates as friends and regretfully put away her phone to sleep, but she didn’t feel sleepy at all. After a while, she opened the game again and recharged her new account, intending to buy all the heroes and skins. When she tried, it only let her charge 648 at a time… what the hell is this setting?

After going through the motions to charge it twice, she became impatient. So the next morning, as soon as Xiao Zhu came over, Qiao Jingjing stuffed her phone at her.

“Recharge my game.”

“Ah? How much?”

“The 648… just do it a hundred times.”

“…will you be able to spend it all?”

Qiao Jingjing waved her hand, “Then help me buy all the heroes and arcana, and all the skins… Forget it, just buy the good looking skins.”

So when Qiao Jingjing logged into the game after shooting the commercial all day, she found that her account looked exactly like a shotgun had turned into a cannon.

As soon as she went online, she saw an invitation from School is Starting, I’m so Panicky.

Qiao Jingjing was not surprised by this invitation because when she was looking through her new skins earlier in the afternoon, she saw that they had added her as a friend. After a flash of inspiration, she sent each of them two skins.

During the game play the night before, Qiao Jingjing had noticed that none of them were wearing skins.

Wouldn’t they be embarrassed to accept her gift but not take her along? Sure enough, here’s the invitation.

“Hand Picking Cotton” entered the room. The four people from yesterday were all there.

I’m so Panicky: Sister, did you give me two skins?

Dragon King 2001: I also received two.

Slime Bag: Me too.

Hand Picking Cotton: Begging the gods O (∩ _ ∩) O

Qiao Jingjing falls into the role of cute newby effortlessly.

Yu Tu was the only one who didn’t speak.

Qiao Jingjing smiled secretly.

I’m so Panicky was touched and clicked to start the game. As they entered Kings’ Canyon, he saw that Zhuge Liang was skinless and couldn’t help opening the voice chat, “You didn’t wear the skin sister sent?”

Yu Tu said lightly, “Didn’t get one.”

Qiao Jingjing stifled her laughter and used her full set of acting skills to say pitifully, “When I tried to send skins to Jade Rabbit god, I found that I had run out of money.”

There was silence in the game and then a burst of laughter, “Hahahaha… So Yu Tu was ranked last by the sister. Hahaha….”

His laughter turned to roaring, “Yu Tu, you betrayer!”

The system’s voice prompt declared first blood. I’m so Panicky had gone into the jungle with Jade Rabbit to steal the enemy’s blue buff and he was killed gloriously by Hua Mulan.

Yu Tu, who had taken the blue buff and ran away, said leisurely, “It was reasonable to retreat.”

Then he twisted the knife, “Don’t worry, I got the blue buff so there was no loss.”

Really…such a putdown = =

Qiao Jingjing suddenly remembered back to high school. Yu Tu was always surrounded by a group of boys, talking and laughing as a crowd. He was always outstanding. It was the same with basketball, and it was the same with this game. There did seem to be a little difference, however. It seemed that… he spoke less? I’m so Panicky always teased out a response first and even when he did speak, it gave off a melancholic feeling. Qiao Jingjing was an actress after all, it was her profession to have a sensitivity to subtle emotions.

Did he get calmer with age?

…What was she studying him for?

Qiao Jingjing quickly put away these ideas and began playing Cai Wenji seriously.

After two hard rounds with Cai Wenji, she felt that she had made progress and had many fewer deaths. She boldly tried a round with Sun Yi though before the battle, she explained that she was not very good. But the result was that they still won!

Although she had wasted her ultimate several times by throwing it into no man’s land in the jungle.

Qiao Jingjing was planning to pick Sun Yi for the next game when a voice spoke up, tinged with embarrassment, “Sister, we want to play a ranked match. How about we play more with you tomorrow. We have a lot of free time.”

“Can’t you take me?”

After asking, she felt stupid. She had only played a few games with her alternate account and hadn’t even opened a rank match. They were all Diamond ranked, so of course she couldn’t jump the gap. In Kings of Glory, there can only be one ranking difference to play ranked matches together.

“We can’t take you.” They felt even more embarrassed after having accepted two skins from her.

“You all go,” Yu Tu said, “I’m not interested in ranking.”

The game ended so the teammates could no longer speak. Qiao Jingjing felt a little bit abandoned, but then an invitation box popped up on the screen.

Jade Rabbit Pounding Medicine (from QQ friends)

Diamond III

Invites you to team up 5v5 Kings’ Canyon

Accept / Reject

Qiao Jingjing is a little muddled.

This… is he planning on carrying her by himself???!

But she didn’t even give him a skin!

Still, Qiao Jingjing didn’t hesitate to accept. Sure enough, there were only the two of them on the team when Yu Tu clicked to start.


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