You Are My Glory – Chapter 3

Once she made her decision, Big Sister Ling did things vigorously.

After Qiao Jingjing wrapped in Hengdian, the team immediately returned to Shanghai and began her special training.

Everything was well prepared: new accounts, a special phone for competition, even the coach.

It was Big Sister Ling’s husband, A Guo.

When they first got married, A Guo also had a good job but because Big Sister Ling was constantly flying from one place to another and was unable to take care of the kids, A Guo had to sacrifice his career for their family. In his spare time, he played Kings of Glory. His level was quite high, Strongest King.

“I’m like the person who was bitten by a snake and was afraid of rope for ten years. The fewer people who know about this, the better, so I asked A Guo to be your coach. If you can rise to his level, then you won’t embarrass yourself.”

Big Sister Ling opened the door to a small conference room. A Guo was already waiting. Seeing them come in, he stood up and said hello.

“In the future, let’s practice here. Xiao Zhu, you also watch and learn. Later, when Jingjing has learned a little, we’ll call Dandan over. She also plays this game so the four of you, plus me, are just enough to form a team to practice.”

Afterwards, Big Sister Ling went back to work and A Guo began to teach Qiao Jingjing and Xiao Zhu. His first words were reassuring.

“This game is actually not that difficult. If you concentrate on practicing a few heroes, then in a month you will definitely play well. Otherwise, too many other players would have also given up.”

Qiao Jingjing felt very excited.

“I’ll start with the basics.” He opened the game and said, “Casual match and ranked match, okay? Casual matching is just playing casually, but if you want a level, then you must play ranked matches and move up your ranking one star at a time.”

Of course Qiao Jingjing already knew this point. She nodded.

“There are 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5 matches, but most play 5v5 and ranking only works with 5v5. Ranks below Diamond are similar to casual matches, with people choosing heroes casually, though, of course, you can’t take the same hero as someone on your team. Once your level is above Diamond, the game starts with a Ban and Pick phase. Both sides ban two heroes and then take turns choosing heroes. If the other side picks a hero, then your side can’t pick that hero. When you’re playing, it’s likely going to be this mode. In a professional competition, they ban three heroes first, so your exhibition match is probably going to be the same.”

A Guo drank some water.

“But, no matter which game mode, it’s always this map of Kings’ Canyon.”

A Guo clicked the training camp to show them the map.

“Jingjing, you have played before. Look at this map. It is divided into three lanes. The conventional way of playing is when the mage takes the middle lane, the marksman and the support take the bottom lane and the warrior and the tank take the top lane. The jungler slays the monsters in the jungle.

Qiao Jingjing was the ambassador after all, so she actually understood much of this already, but she continued to listen quietly.

“A Ling told me about the competition rules. They want to randomly select five players, plus Jingjing, for a total of six people divided into two teams, who then get to choose two professional players to form a five-person team to compete.

“No matter how strong the player is, they won’t be as strong as a professional player. Two professional players will definitely take the carry positions, so Jingjing can practice support or tank.”

Qiao Jingjing raised her hand and asked, “I understand what it means to carry others. So, there is also a carry position in the game?”

“There are five positions in the game. That is, jungler, solo-mid, marksman, side lanes -meaning, top or bottom- and support. The first three can be considered a C position.”

Qiao Jingjing, who is used to carrying other, “Can’t I be in the C position?”

A Guo didn’t expect that his novice student would already want to hog a C position. He gave Qiao Jingjing a difficult look, “Do you want to win?”

Qiao Jingjing nodded.

“Then you be support.”

A Guo introduced the common heroes, their playing positions and skills, and concluded by saying, “Of all the heroes, support is relatively simple and won’t usually be blamed for losses. Jingjing, you can practice Zhang Fei first. This hero skill is quite simple, mainly using his second skill to protect teammates with shields, and his third skill to blow away the enemy.”

Qiao Jingjing nodded confidently.

All the heroes have been bought on the new account. Qiao Jingjing used the new phone to enter the game, selected Zhang Fei and followed A Guo’s marksman.

A Guo nodded, “Yes, Zhang Fei mainly follows the marksman.”

He explained to her while playing, “The second skill gives me a shield and that skill puts me… correct…”

Soon they both reached level four. In Kings of Glory, once you reached level four in the game, the hero can use their ultimate ability.

“Do you see a red line above your head? Once this line is full then you can use Zhang Fei’s ultimate.” A Guo was chasing a low health-point enemy player and also teaching Qiao Jingjing.

“Oh,” Qiao Jingjing understood. Then she clicked.

The Zhang Fei on screen suddenly expanded to grow bigger. With a roar, he blew away the low HP enemy player. The other enemy players seemed a little stunned, but then they ran back to their team’s tower.

A Guo was also stunned, “He was about to die. Why did you use your ult on him?”

“I clicked to see what would happen.”

“…Don’t use the ultimate skill so casually.”

After a while A Guo said, “Now blow him away with your ultimate. I have low HP so… wait…don’t blow him at me…”

When he said the last few words, A Guo had already died.

After three matches, A Guo wiped his sweat, “This hero is probably not suited for you. Let’s try another hero, Sun Yi. Sun Yi is also very commonly used.”

After another three matches…

“Try the Bull Demon!”

After two consecutive days of hard work and going through all the commonly used support heroes, Qiao Jingjing was fine, but A Guo felt drained of both blood and qi.

“At least Cai Wenji and Zhuang Zhuo…are okay.” A Guo was barely able to stay cheerful.

“Although they are not commonly used in professional games, the players being drawn are not necessarily King level. How about you take tomorrow off and I will go back and think about how to best teach you.”

“Tomorrow is a commercial shoot, she she can’t practice anyway.” Big Sister Ling pushed open the door, “This is enough for today. Jingjing, go home early and get to bed early.”

“I’ll practice with my own phone at night. I don’t like the feel of this new phone.”

Big Sister Ling was shocked, “Don’t. It will be troublesome if it is recorded again.”

Qiao Jingjing had played the game for two days and didn’t learn any hero well. However, she was very familiar with the details now and gave her a look, “One, the game can be set to ban spectating. Two, I can just use an alt account, can’t I??

Before 9pm, Qiao Jingjing had already washed and climbed into bed. She began setting up a new alternate account.

What account to use?

Qiao Jingjing thought for a moment and remembered a QQ account that she had barely ever used. She logged into QQ first and then registered the game.

Her QQ username was Hand Picking Stars. She tried to register the name in the game but it had already been taken, so she tried a similar sounding ID – Hand Picking Cotton.

Strangely, no one had registered the name, so she got the ID.

After set-up, there was a long novice training session that couldn’t be skipped. Qiao Jingjing patiently clicked through until she reached the normal interface.

Just as she was about to enter “battle mode”, her finger hesitated.

Her eyes had fallen on the list of friends on the far side of the interface where there was already an avatar. The avatar was familiar. It was a picture of an endlessly starry sky. She clicked it and saw the person’s ID – Jade Rabbit Pounding Medicine

Yu Tu…

Qiao Jingjing suddenly remembered why she had set up this alternate account in the first place.

However, she was in no mood to recall those distant girlhood memories and quickly clicked into a battle to begin practicing.

There are combat matches with real players and also human-machine matches with AI. She did not have the courage to fight with people, so she clicked human-machine mode and practiced Cai Wenji. When her game ended, an invitation suddenly popped up on screen.

Jade Rabbit Pounding Medicine (from QQ friends)

Eternal Diamond III

Invites you to team up in match 5v5 Kings’ Canyon

Accept / Reject

Yu Tu…

Why was he adding her?

Qiao Jingjing raised her eyebrows and clicked Accept.

As she entered the room, she was greeted by a series of question marks.

School is Starting, I’m so Panicky: ??????????? Yu Tu, who did you add?

Jade Rabbit Pounding Medicine: Wrong click. QQ friend.

School is Starting, I’m so Panicky: Novice? No rank?

Kings of Glory requires you to have six heroes before you can start ranking and the rank will be displayed as the lowest Bronze level. Qiao Jingjing had only just registered her alternate, so of course there was no ranking.

Qiao Jingjing squeezed her phone and didn’t say a word. She was quite happy. She was thinking that he was still giving her grief ten years later, so it’s not wrong to do her part to pull him down a bit in the game.

Slime Bag: Open

Dragon King 2001: Open.

The battle began.

Qiao Jingjing chose Cai Wenji. In the past two days, she had developed a lot of common sense and knew that Cai Wenji should follow the marksman.

Yu Tu is just that marksman.

So the loli-like Cai Wenji swaggered behind “Jade Rabbit Pounds Medicine”. Very leisurely, very useless. If she had a skill to use, she used the skill. If she didn’t have a skill to use, she died gloriously. There was no strategy, no awareness, and even less understanding of positioning.

Qiao Jingjing felt that she would definitely pull Yu Tu down with her.

So after only ten minutes and after dying seven or eight times, Qiao Jingjing felt like she was dreaming when she was helping them attack the enemy crystal for the first time in her life. This great joy wiped away all her reason and wisdom, and before the game ended, she quickly typed the words: Take me with you!!

Add 10,000 exclamation points!!


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