You Are My Glory – Chapter 1

Mr. Inside Scoop, I’ll give you the real deal. I went to Z middle school in X city and was classmates with a very popular female star. It’s easy to guess who. Truthfully, she was not beautiful at all in high school. Well, she wasn’t ugly, but her looks were much worse than now so she probably had work done. Anyway, the school beauty at that time was actually a completely different girl who also happened to be a top student. As for the female star, I’ll call her Q for short, she was very vain and always acted like a rich man’s daughter. Later when we learned that her father is a plumber, the whole class laughed their teeth off. Basically, all the girls hated her very much.

At that time, there was a god-level student in our class. Our class was the key class of the whole school (though I heard that Q spent money to get in, as her grades were too poor). This god-level student was first in the whole school and he won all kinds of competitions. He was also very handsome and he was awesome in basketball and football. He was just like the leading men in idol dramas these days, but I don’t think they can even compare to this god-level student. After all, with his looks, education level, and temperament, how can an actor compare to the real thing?

Well, someone saw that Q confessed to him and was ruthlessly rejected. Hahaha it was so tragic. He said that her IQ was too low and that she didn’t meet his standard! Later, the god-level student and the top-student school beauty got into Tsinghua together and were a fairytale couple. Somehow Q is very popular right now, even though she’s so talentless, so I wonder if you will publish this. Mr. Inside Scoop, do you dare…?

Qiao Jingjing was dressed in a splendid evening gown for the awards show that just finished. As soon as she climbed into the management company van, she was given whiplash by her agent thrusting a phone and “bad news” into her face.

“Look, your classmate revealed that Qiao Jingjing was humiliated after confessing to a boy in high school. I say, Jingjing, why do you even have haters from high school?”

Qiao Jingjing stuffed her award into the hands of her assistant who followed her into the van. She kicked off her high heels, took the phone and nested into her special seat. After scanning three lines, she felt bored and closed the page, searching Weibo for gossip about her red carpet look instead.

Seeing that the majority of the opinions were basically positive and that her fans even praised her as a fairy, Qiao Jingjing sighed in relief and felt happy. It was worth three months of gritting her teeth and going to the gym!

During the first half of the year, she had been in a foodie drama and had eaten too many props, which led to her gaining three or four pounds. Unexpectedly, a poisonous fashion blogger then said she was going to break the screen. Of course, her fans tore that blogger up, but as much as Qiao Jingjing wanted to follow their lead, instead she had to post a magnanimous message about wanting to practice more and shed the weight that she gained.

“Post some fitness photos after a while.” After all, sweat must never happen in vain. It must become a chance to show off!

“So did you read the leak?” Big Sister Ling turned her head to the back seat with a face full of gossip.

Qiao Jingjing gave her a look and clicked to read the post again. After reading, she saw that the comment section was already controlled by her fans.

Da Qiao Wo Zhou Yu: If it’s true, thank you for telling everyone that Qiao was a key class student in high school. By the way, her score was 211. Is that bad? Impossible ( 10,260 likes)

Qiao Jia Da Yuan: This is a group photo of Qiao as a bridesmaid in a high school friend’s wedding. This was posted by the friend herself. Yet you are saying that she had no friends in high school, hehe, as if. ( Group photo.jpg) (9765 likes)

Da Qiao Zhan Dui: The OP hates my idol, but still there is nothing bad to expose. I love that my idol is really a good child. ( 8876 likes)

Xiaocao: Here for the excitement. Do you have a misunderstanding about what an inside scoop means??? ( 7689 likes)

Feng Yao Yi Wo: So lively! +1. It turns out that my favorite actress has been attacked but the OP is just a hater spewing bullshit. What does this say about your education? (5870 likes)

Big Sister Ling kept her neck stretched to look at Qiao Jingjing, “True or false?”

“Some true, some false.”

Everyone in the car pricked up their ears.

“It is false that I was not beautiful before. I have always been beautiful. It’s also false that I was rejected so cruelly. He was actually really polite.”

Big Sister Ling was shocked, “You really confessed and were rejected?”

“Of course. That boy was really handsome.” Qiao Jingjing reminisced for three seconds before asking, “Is that your alternate account?”

“Yes. So then that female top-student was really better looking than you?”

Big Sister Ling felt really uncertain about this. Not that she wanted to brag, but Qiao Jingjing was really top-notch among the female stars in the entertainment industry. Could they really have had two girls like Jingjing in the same class?

“Of course not!” Qiao Jingjing answered while typing something.

“What are you doing?” Big Sister Ling had an ominous feeling. She looked at her phone and saw Qiao Jingjing send a comment under her own alt account – This jealousy across time and space! I wish you peace.

Assistant Xiao Zhu laughed out loud and Big Sister Ling couldn’t do anything, “If you’re just messing around, please post a message to say thank you.”

“I just posted one. Didn’t you see it?”

Big Sister Ling’s words weren’t right. How could she admit to paying attention to gossip, but not to the postings of her own artist? She quickly used another phone and logged into the company Weibo to promote the post. She said, “How about you show me before you hit send next time.”

Qiao Jingjing was too lazy to pay attention to her. She took a screenshot of the post and sent it to her own phone, then she messaged it to her high school deskmate of three years, Peipei, the one for whom she was the bridesmaid.

Peipei saw that she was online and sent over a series of exclamation points.

Peipei: !!!!!!! Jingjing! Most Popular Actress of the Year! I just saw you on TV. Congratulations!

Jingjing: Look, I just sent a screenshot.

After a while…

Peipei: Damn, which bitch is spitting such nonsense? You have always been beautiful!

Qiao Jingjing is very gratified that her friends are so good at grasping the key points.

Peipei: At most, you were just a little out of fashion.

Jingjing: …..

Peipei: But now everyone wants the same clothes and hairstyles as Qiao Jingjing!

Jingjing: Who do you think leaked it?

Peipei: I don’t know. There were a lot of discussions about you in the high school group chat a while ago. Your dramas are too popular so I guess someone is just jealous, right?

Qiao Jingjing didn’t really expect that Peipei would know, so after chatting a bit more, she simply forgot about it.

Later, after she had been able to change out of her evening gown and wash her face, Peipei sent another message.

Peipei: By the way, I heard Li Ming say a while ago that Yu Tu and Xia Qing broke up in their senior year of university after being together for a little over a year. Do you remember, Li Ming’s family and Yu Tu’s family live in the same district and their parents know each other. I heard that Yu Tu is also in Shanghai now.

Qiao Jingjing raised her eyebrows and looked at the name she had not seen for a long time.

How dare you break up? She heard the news that they were together at university, but…

Forget it!

Don’t review the dark history.

Peipei: Hey hey, do you think he ever regrets it?

Jingjing: Don’t be so naive.

The management van drove smoothly onto the north-south elevated highway. Qiao Jingjing, who was not naive at all, opened the window to let in the breeze and then happily fantasized about Yu Tu pining over letting her go.

She remembered the confession from her sophomore year. At first, he simply said sorry. She confidently insisted to know the reason and remembered him saying, “I’m sorry, I want to find someone who can strive hard together with me.”

She didn’t know why he thought it was impossible for her to strive with him, but it seems like the person he found didn’t make it to the end either.

Qiao Jingjing felt a little better, but she still had regret and a tightening in her heart.

… isn’t her heart still a little too girlish?

She didn’t know what he was doing now, however…

She looked at the streets passing through the window of the car, full of urban prosperity. She had become the most prosperous in a prosperous world.

She raised her chin slightly. No matter what he was doing, she probably left him far behind.

“It’s almost 10 o’clock. Let’s sleep in Shanghai tonight.” Big Sister Ling said, “We can leave tomorrow morning and get to Hengdian in the afternoon. I’ll ask them to move your scenes to the afternoon.”

“No, there are ten scenes to shoot tomorrow. Go to Hengdian now. I’ll sleep in the car. Just ask the driver to drive steadily. I…”

“Stop,” Big Sis Ling tried to stop her next words.

Ever since a certain director praised Qiao Jingjing’s dedication and diligence, she took every opportunity to demonstrate her dedication. Qiao Jingjing has become an actress who wears her dedication on her sleeve and in her mantra.

“…am dedicated to my work, so I can’t stop now.”

“I know. I know. Now go to bed.” Big Sister Ling helplessly lowered the partition and told the driver to continue on to Hengdian.

Qiao Jingjing reclined her chair and fell asleep. Over the years, she has long developed the ability to sleep in any kind of transportation. Today, however, she slept somewhat unsteadily, hazily. She seemed to have come into a classroom. A high school classroom. In the blink of an eye, she was sitting for an exam again. When she looked at the paper it asked questions like, how many calories in a strawberry? This question is too difficult! Qiao Jingjing, who could not answer, panicked about failing the test. Then suddenly, the classroom faded away and a voice woke her up.

“Jingjing. Jinging. Have you played Kings of Glory?”


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